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*Some pieces have changed form and/or title since their publication.


Cadillac and When the Music Stops in Wild Gods: The Ecstatic in Contemporary Poetry and Prose [anthology]  BUY 


Interview in Solstice (Winter 2020) Read   BUY 


Mother at Home in Barrow Street (Spring 2020) Read   BUY

The End of the Last War in The Bookends Review 


Do Sacrifices Dream of Empathy? in Jersey Devil Press (Issue 108) [page 6]


Destroyer of Small Worlds in Lily Poetry Review (Issue 3) Read   BUY [scroll to bottom of page]



The First Time & In the Waiting Room Again in Meniscus (Vol. 7 Iss. 2 Pgs. 45-46)

Cadillac in Ordinary Madness (Vol. 2, Pg. 23)

Letter to the Slaughtered Animal in my Dreams, as Deli Meat in The Showbear Family Circus 


Self-Directed in The Showbear Family Circus 


Bird of Prey in Coffin Bell Journal and The Showbear Family Circus 

Monster's Ball in Coffin Bell Journal 

Hope is a Thing with Cuts in The Showbear Family Circus 



Automatic Knitting in The Paddock Review


Milk Thistle in Sweet (Issue 11.1) [contest finalist] 


When the Music Stops in Slipstream (Issue 38) Read 

Letter to Lorem Ibsum in The Stirling Spoon (Issue 1) 


A Rowboat Splintered on the Rocks in Corvus Review (Issue 10 S/S)  Read 

Bird Banding in In Layman's Terms  Read

I'll Be at Your Altar in Oddball Magazine 

Automatic Knitting in River River 

Last Dispatch After Partial Resection in The Woven Tale Press 

Gravity Well in Sheila-Na-Gig

Lightboat in West Texas Literary Review

Tilting in Southword Journal  Read 



Owl of Athena in Salamander  Read



Phantom Ear in The Croaker   Read

Act of Translation in The Merrimack Review  Read

Contrast in Rogue Agent  Read

The Creation of a Man in Crack the Spine  Read



The Weather in Stolen Island and Words Apart   Read


Translated from the Austrian and Danaus Plexippus in Clarion  Read, Read 

Mirrored in Clockwise Cat  Read 


Nodding Donkey in Contraposition   BUY   Read 



Attacked: The Strange Struggles of Public Education in The Animal Anthology Project: True Tails by Christine Catlin  BUY  Read 

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